Audio crackling/distortion at lower volumes

by a sd   Last Updated August 15, 2018 11:01 AM

Ever since I've had Windows 10 I've had a problem with the sound that has been accentuated with new headphones and while I find discussions about effects, equalization and Windows 10 problems, I cannot find a fix for this particular behavior.

The symptom is that the lower sounds are heard suddenly louder, or from a certain low volume, all that is higher becomes dimmer, and the consequence is that between both volume ranges there is an intermediate range in which the machine does whatever it does for this effect and the sound at that point is distorted, like mixed with interference.

With relatively loud and stable music there's no problem, but with anything else that is heard lower or at intervals, something as simple as a dialogue is insufferable.

I tried to change the configuration of the headphones from the windows sound options as well as the Sonic Studio that came installed, but it had no effect. Not even removing and setting the loudness equalization fixes this.

EDIT: Since it's been put on hold as too broad I'll try to add detail. The audio device shows as Realtek High Definition Audio and the distortion gets worse and over a broader volume range if I set the system volume low and the headphones' high. If someone knows at least what this effect is, how the lower volume sounds higher and viceversa, if it has a name, I'd appreciate it and might be able to search better because it kind of feels like an effect and not an actual hardware problem except for the distortion

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