Bluetooth is turned on, but I don't have a bluetooth device

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Firstly, I have to say this is more an annoyance / bug rather than something being broken or not working.

In my Action Centre the Bluetooth Square is blue (turned on) saying Not Connected.

Here's the thing though - My PC doesn't have any bluetooth capability. It's not a laptop, the motherboard doesn't have the function, and no devices connected to it have bluetooth either.

I've looked online and most suggestions revolve around either turning bluetooth off (Which I can't do as there is no on/off switch in the settings) or removing the bluetooth device from device manager (Which I also can't do, as there isn't one there) or going into network settings and disabling it there (which I also can't do as there's only my network card there)

Any advice greatly appreciated

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Stop and Disable all Bluetooth Services on Windows 10 with PowerShell

Here's a way I've handled this using a PowerShell startup script since these run under the system security context. So set this to run as a startup script using Group Policy or Task Scheduler.


## -- Store all bluetooth named services as an array, stop processes if running, and disable the startup type if it's not already
$BTServices = (Get-Service | ?{$_.DisplayName -match "bluetooth"}).Name;

$BTServices | % {
    $status = (Get-Service -Name $_).Status;
    If($status -ne "Stopped"){Stop-Service $_ -Force};
    $sType  = (Get-Service -Name $_).StartType;
    If($sType -ne "Disabled"){Set-Service $_ -StartupType Disabled};

Furthermore, consider going into your BIOS\UEFI configurations and setting any applicable bluetooth related settings to a disabled (or equivalent) value at this level for additional thoroughness.

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