Error when trying to change the time zone in Windows: "Unable to continue. You do not have permission to perform this task."

by Rowland Shaw   Last Updated August 22, 2018 02:01 AM

It appears that installing Windows 8 on top of XP doesn't give you the option to choose the locale and other settings -- I've got the right keyboard layout restored, and can change the system locale to be for the UK, but the system doesn't let me now change the time zone -- choosing the option to try to do it in the control panel, gives me the following error:

Date and Time

Unable to continue

You do not have permission to perform this task. Please contact your computer administrator for help.


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To change the time zone currently being used please follow these steps:

1.From the Start page click on “Settings” and then click on “More PC Settings”:

2.Next go to “General” and select the new time zone from the drop-down list.

March 25, 2012 09:42 AM

Looks like "for whatever reason" my installation didn't grant anyone, nor any group the privilege to change the time zone -- I had to:

  1. Go to the desktop
  2. Open the charms bar (Win+c, float mouse to bottom right or swipe from the right)
  3. Choose Control Panel
  4. Switch to icon view
  5. Go to Administrative Tools folder
  6. Run Local Security Policy
  7. Double click on "Change time zone" permission
  8. Add local administrators group.
  9. Reboot...
  10. Change timezone "in the normal fashion"
Rowland Shaw
Rowland Shaw
March 25, 2012 13:43 PM

Several people seem to have a problem with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the time settings - including me. (It helps to know you are not alone!)

I fixed mine, but I wasn't paying full attention to the exact steps. I just remember going back to my Control Panel, Date and Time AGAIN, and the second or third time it took, set, worked, and hasn't given me anymore trouble.

Guy Thomas
Guy Thomas
March 27, 2012 09:10 AM

It makes no sense to me but the following config fixed the problem on my Win10 laptop which was upgraded from Win7 or Win8 (forget which). My login account was already in local Administrators group which was already granted the same config:

  • Add Users group to Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Change the time zone.

Refer to Date and Time – Unable to Continue on Problem Solved answer site for detailed step by step instructions.

August 22, 2018 01:54 AM

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