VAIO Laptop goes to sleep

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I have a VAIO laptop: VPCF13CGX, with a 64-bit Windows 7 Professional installed. It works fine, but sometimes it suddenly goes to sleep! I must press a key afterward to wake it up (of course), and after it wakes up my Wireless and USB devices do not work! Therefore, I have to restart it.

After searching Windows event logs (for Event ID 42; which is Sleep event) I found the following:

 The system is entering sleep.
 Sleep Reason: Button or Lid

But I neither pressed the power button nor closed the lid. Therefore, something is simulating this behavior on my system.

Any suggestions?

PS: (I have updated the graphics driver to the latest version, so this can't be the reason).

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I would recommend to try the following steps:

Step 1: Update the BIOS - It is possible that your BIOS cause these problems. So have a look at your BIOS-Version and if there is a newer version available, than update it.

Step 2: Check your BIOS-Settings - When there is an option in your BIOS-settings which contains "wake on lan", disable it.

Step 3: Use an Ubuntu Live CD to check if windows is the problem - Maybe it isn't windows which causes the "error". So you can use an Ubuntu Live CD and watch a movie or something to check, if windows causes the error or if the pc itself goes to sleep because of an overheating or something like that.

Christian Woerz
Christian Woerz
September 26, 2013 17:18 PM

It may be a magnetic band in your watch, Nike fuel device etc. The sensor will think that the computer lid is closed and will trigger the device to go into sleep mode.

January 09, 2014 22:06 PM

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