Missing icons in Whisker Menu even icon exists in /usr/share/icons

by Mark J. Adams   Last Updated February 25, 2018 13:02 PM

The Whisker menu is missing icons for many entry, for example icon for Xfce Terminal Missing Xfce Terminal icon

I have tried:

% cat /usr/share/applications/xfce4-terminal.desktop      
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Xfce Terminal
Comment=Terminal Emulator
GenericName=Terminal Emulator
% find /usr/share/icons -type f -iname '*utilities-terminal*'

The terminal icon is just there. I tried to update icon cache and restart the system but no help.

% sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -t -f /usr/share/icons/
gtk-update-icon-cache: Cache file created successfully.

So what else could I do to deal with this problem?

Tags : xfce debian

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