Systemd units start on reboot but not on install

by Wimateeka   Last Updated March 02, 2018 19:02 PM

I am installing systemd units from a Debian package (that I am making myself) onto an Ubuntu 16.04 box, and even though I have overridden dh_systemd_enable, dh_systemd_start and dh_installinit my systemd services only start on reboot, or if I manually start them. Because Debian flavored Linux automatically enables and starts systemd units, they should be started on install right away.

I've already read this question and it did not help me.

Could it be because my deb is made also using cmake?

dh $@ -v --buildsystem=cmake --with systemd

What else do I need to look into for getting a systemd service unit up and running on install?

Tags : 16.04 systemd deb

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