What the proper way to make debian package to launch app at startup?

by Prakash Sharma   Last Updated April 18, 2018 10:02 AM

I create debian package and package contains following file 1) mypackage.desktop 2) mypackage 3) control 4) copyright 5) packagedeb.sh 6) mypackage.jar (its generate from my source code) i wrote some command inside mypackage file like : "cp usr/share/applications/mypackage.desktop ~/.config/autostart/" to copy desktop file into autostart directory. but i can not see mypackage.desktop file inside autostart. My problem is that how to create debian package to copy .desktop file inside autostart folder to launch my app at startup?

could anyone help me?

The link is: http://pygmalion.nitri.org/create-a-debian-package-from-an-executable-jar-592.html

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