Installing shortcuts as a package

by anatoly techtonik   Last Updated September 10, 2018 13:02 PM

I want to improve user experience on Linux, and one of the things that I have in mind is packaging keyboard shortcuts and tracking their usage. The benefits that I see from that:

  1. Know which package provides shortcuts
  2. Looks into cascading (like in CSS) with an easily accessible tree who handles which shortcut

Example story is that I want to add Ctrl+Shift+PrtScrn to i3wm to take partial screenshow and save it to clipboard like it works in Gnome 3. And I want this config to be installed as a generic package for all window managers.

I wonder what is the best strategy to package this usability feature? i3wm config doesn't support config.d folders, so it should be some generator that updates configs and keeps them in sync always. Is that at all possible?

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