zfs volume error in file manager

by ticktockhouse   Last Updated October 31, 2017 09:02 AM

I have created a zfs filesystem on one of the partitions on my laptop. I created a pool and a couple of zvols (I hope I'm getting the terminology right there) and everything is peachy from the command line - I'm using it for data storage with snapshots and as the backing store for my docker containers.

The problem comes when I attempt to access this from the file manager. This was happening on 17.04, and I very recently upgraded to 17.10, where it is still happening, with the same error:

Error mounting /dev/sda6 at /media/jerry/firstpool: Command-line `mount -t "zfs_member" -o "uhelper=udisk2,nodev,nosuid" "/dev/sda6" "/media/jerry/firstpool" exited with non-zero status 32: mount:/media/jerry/firstpool: unknown filesystem type 'zfs_member'.

I can't seem to find many people having this problem and everything I've read appears to suggest that it should "just work" in the GUI file manager.

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