Unable to start netatalk serivce

by Pedro Cavaleiro   Last Updated November 05, 2017 17:02 PM

I have an Ubuntu 16 Server at my home, everything running smoothly even installed webmin to ease my work with some configurations but now I want to install a timemachine server on it and seems that I'm stuck on restarting the netatalk service.

It gives me the following error

Failed to start netatalk.service: Unit netatalk.service is masked.

The first thing I've tried was uninstall the netatalk package a reinstall it, then I tried disable the service and refresh the daemon it didn't work either.

The tutorial that I followed is this one


I want to avoid reseting my system and I no longer can figure out what to do.

Don't know if this helps, but here's the status output

pedro@HITMAN-SERVER:~$ sudo service netatalk status

‚óŹ netatalk.service

Loaded: masked (/dev/null; bad)

Active: inactive (dead)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Tags : debian

Answers 1

After the George's help and a bit more of search I was able to properly run netatalk.

The correct steps that I took to fix the problem are the following

As George said

sudo systemctl unmask netatalk

This will unmasked the /dev/null of the service.

Then I just followed the installation guide bellow instead of using the apt-get command


hope this helps other people with similar problems

Pedro Cavaleiro
Pedro Cavaleiro
November 05, 2017 22:38 PM

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