Rename Custom deb package

by user3311890   Last Updated November 14, 2017 17:02 PM

How can I rename a .deb package that can be uploaded to reprepro?

For example, I have a deb package example-latest.deb which is the latest version, I have created a custom repository so users can download it from there, but there are multiple packages with the same name on the existing ubuntu repos. So basically I want to rename this example-latest.deb to something like myname.deb so users that use my repository can install the package by typing apt install myname

from the deb package, I have ran the following:

changestool myname.changes adddeb myname.deb
changestool myname.changes setdistribution ubuntu
gpg --clearsign myname.changes

and after looking at the myname.changes I see the package is named something like example_2.5.1_all.deb which makes me unable to upload it. I can rename the file to comply with this but then I am not really accomplishing anything.

Anybody knows what is the best way to rename a file?

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