Install non-executable files with dh_install

by reox   Last Updated December 01, 2017 10:02 AM

I have some debian package which has the following install file:

src/an_executable_python_script usr/bin
src/web/* usr/share/packagename

inside the src/web folder are some html and css files. It looks like, that with compat level 7, everything worked fine. But with compat level 9, I get the following error message:

/home/user/package/debian/packagename.install: 2: 
/home/user/package/debian/packagename.install: src/web/index.html: Permission denied

The man page of dh_install is clear on this topic: the files must be executable. Unfortunatly, this was probably not enforced with the older debhelper, so I see that a lot of packages use this practise of installing non-executable files with dh_install. edit: maybe I misunderstood the man-page. I think it means the install file itself must be executable? But here is the thing: If i mark index.html executable, I'll get this error message:

src/web/index.html: 2: src/web/index.html: cannot open !DOCTYPE: No such file
src/web/index.html: 2: src/web/index.html: html: not found
src/web/index.html: 4: src/web/index.html: Syntax error: newline unexpected
dh_install: debian/packagename.install (executable config) returned exit code 2

I was not able to find out, how to install non-executable files with compat level 9, can someone give me a hint?

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