How to import a .mathcha-file into

by PatrickSteiner   Last Updated September 11, 2019 11:03 AM

In mathcha it is possible to download the document as a .mathcha-file, as you can see in Figure_1. However there seems to be no way to import this .mathcha-file again.
Even the "Menu" (see Figure_2) only offers you the possibility to export a LaTeX-file, which by the way you can import, but it won’t be accepted, because the exported Latex-code seems to be corrupted.

So I don't know how to create a restorable backup of my mathcha documents, when I am neither able to restore a .mathcha-file, nor I am able to export a working .tex-file.



Q: Is there any way to import my .mathcha-file again, because if not, what are these files even good for?

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