Increasing volume of streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix without turning up speakers

by nurbit   Last Updated October 09, 2019 20:03 PM

For as long as I can remember on any machine I've used, volume for streaming movie services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others is always absurdly low. I can have my Windows system volume maxed, but the only way I can get any enjoyable volume out of a stream is to physically turn up my speaker volume knob. This creates a serious imbalance between streaming and system volume, rendering my system practically unusable for anything else that might play sound as it is disproportionately loud compared to the streaming volume. Strangely, general video sites like YouTube natively play at a volume that matches my system volume.

Can anything be done to increase the volume of streaming services beyond 100% while leaving my Windows system volume untouched? And, for extra credit, why do streaming services make such an effort to gimp the audio stream while making every effort to ensure that the video stream suffers the least quality loss as possible? Are they cutting corners because they know the user can just turn up their speakers or is there another reason for this?

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