View IMDb top lists sorted by demographics to give more personalized ratings

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How do I view the IMDb top lists sorted by demographics in order to get more personalized ratings?

For example, I would find it more useful if I could view the Top 250 films list, while counting votes only for males, and even more if I could look at the top votes for males in a specific age bracket.

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Answers 2

You can get the top 50: Votes by males

Note: To get to this page, I clicked on the Tops at the Box Office link and chose Votes by Gender on the left side.

Rebecca Chernoff
Rebecca Chernoff
July 19, 2010 13:06 PM

2019 Update

It is now possible to also look at age ranges.

As per OP requested in his comment:

"...I was hoping to also look at age ranges - not sure if this is possible though."

Also. By now the links provided in an earlier answer have changed.

  • You now can find them under: (movie title) --> Menu --> User Ratings

imdb user ratings

  • Once there you click on the table for detailed results.

imdb ratings males 18-29

  • Although, looking closely at the results, the numbers do NOT quite add up.

imdb ratings

October 09, 2019 16:04 PM

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