Limit of hits in Google Analytics when using Android SDK

by coder   Last Updated October 17, 2017 20:04 PM

In my android app, I am using Android SDK for sending Google Analytics. The dispatch period I am using is 2 minutes.

I am sending many events and screens when navigating between pages and tapping buttons. The problem I am facing is loosing some hits in Google Analytics website. For example, when tester launches a page for 100 times (obviously in automation testing), the screen is being reported in GA website only 80 times (20% loss).

When I checked the GA support website -, its found that we can send only a maximum of 60 hits concurrently in a dispatch.

Does this mean, after a set of hits are dispatched, if I have sent 70 hits, on the next dispatch, only the first 60 hits will be reported to the server and the last 10 hits will be discarded forever?

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