What are the steps involved in web application architecture?

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I built a simple web application for getting the hang of Deploying, Scaling, and maintaining it. But I have no idea on where to start. All I have is dots of information and I want to know how to join them so that I can add more features to the application that I've built. For eg: I have index.html (which is a form) and my backend is server.go (A simple server which can connect to local db to store info retrieved from the form). I'm going through heroku documentation on how to deploy the application which I've built. In that documentation I came across dynos which is a lightweight container for the application. By the changing the dynos variable we can scale(up/down) the containers and a lot more configurations.

I'm not sure about the following points:

  • Where does a load balancer fit in this picture? If I can use one, what would be a starting point to learn about using a load-balancer (I'm going through Nginx) in front of my server?
  • Where does pre-computed data bases fit in?
  • How to setup a db server for my web application?
  • How to use CDN like Akamai for serving static content?

For eg:

  • Client enters a url in the search bar -> Static content is delivered via CDN and if there is any dynamic content, the request will go to Load Balancer and the load balancer will redirect the request to the App server. Based the request, the app server responds with information retrieved from DB server.
  • The url which client uses, is it the load-balancer's proxy identifier or the actual app server's identifier?
  • If the request is already in the pre-computed cache, then it will be served right away.

Like the ones I mentioned above, I'm not clear about the so many things. There are a lot more elements that will fit along with the above. I was going through all the docs but I'm not getting the idea of setting up the whole stack.

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