Load time of initial connection and SSL handshake are very slow

by jsindos   Last Updated June 14, 2018 06:04 AM

Following from this question, my website www.example.com (SSL enabled) is hosted on a cloud service. It is consistently slow to establish a secure connection across all devices and networks, as seen in the Chrome Network tab


When running the site through https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/, it says Assessment failed: Unable to connect to the server.

Types of processing: The web page runs a modified version of Moodle. CPU and memory utilisation are low for the most part, with moderate increases during peak traffic period.

The server is running Apache 2.4, CentOS, PHP 5.6 with PHP-FPM, MYSQL.

Can someone please assist me to reduce the initial connection time to a normal range (<200ms)?

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