How to handle website projects when they get more complex?

by Chris   Last Updated May 29, 2015 07:01 AM

We're running a website with 17 languages, different content amongst all languages, new ideas and features flow into the main language, some get translated and migrated, others won't.
There is a locale Dev Version which I copy into my Git Version, deploy it to the staging server for testing and afterwards I'll deploy it to the live server.
Now we're using Drupal but our problems are not always Drupal related and I'm wondering how you handle bigger web projects as they grow in any CMS?

I thought about automated testing and I'm using IMacros - but as soon as the content has been changed, IMacros fails.
Then I thought about Nagios together with cucumber or Selenium - but that won't cover everything.
How about automatically taking screenshots of the page and do image comparisons and monitor differences?

In general: How do you keep complexity low and keep everything working smoothly? (There are some Drupal related issues which we ran in but I believe Joomla, WP and others might have similar issues?)
The scariest thing is Google: If we upset it's crawler unintentionally the SE position drops immediately. We've got good fundamental data (15 year old domain, hq content, frequent updates, ok link profile) so we'll be back up soon after we corrected the mistake but there are just so many small things with big influential weight.

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