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I have a web application in ASP.NET MVC that we want SEO optimized. I wanted to test whether the pages are appearing as search results in Google. However, I didn't want it to appear to the general public until I am ready to go live. Is there a way to do a sandbox testing of an SEO website on Google where I can continue developing and testing without it being pop up for search results for everyone else?

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There's tons of tools out there (remember, they're just tools, no replacement for an expert SEO) to test if it's optimised. Simply sear for SEO audit tools. You can put the site on a domain (if it isnt already) and make sure it's noindexed via robots text:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

and also put this in your head tags:


You can then use alot of audit tools for info on semantics, markup, other metas etc.

James McInally
James McInally
October 29, 2015 22:02 PM

here is a list of some web tools, but you can't test them offline:

you can use an IP to make your test (or create a temporrary sub domain), and when you are ready use your real domain name

October 29, 2015 22:23 PM

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Faruk Omer Bayraktar
Faruk Omer Bayraktar
October 25, 2017 11:00 AM

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