Protocol to expose services to process both on same machine or remote

by Marco Stramezzi   Last Updated July 17, 2017 07:05 AM

I am developing a server that exposes multiple services to other processes (they could be both servers or hmi clients): those could be hosted on the same machine or not and they could be written in multiple languages (java, c++).

I would like an advice to choose the better protocol (or protocols) to expose the services:

  • CORBA could be the best choice but it seems to me too complex (it needs the framework, IDLs, class generation..)
  • SOAP has too much overhead for reasonable same machine inter process communication
  • REST could be a good tradeoff in terms of complexity, overhead and usability in both conditions

Is my analysis correct? Should I search for other protocols (especially for inter process communication on same machine)?

Tags : rest protocol soap

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