Hosted Software Development stack for freelancers

by schube   Last Updated April 16, 2019 13:05 PM

Working on a new project, I have 3 freelancers helping me with development. My current software stack is

  • sbt
  • Eclipse
  • PlayFramework
  • Git
  • MongoDB

but maybe more to come. (My question is not limited to the software mentioned).

Instead of setting up the software on each of my colleagues laptop, I want to use a hosted cloud environment. Since they are all Windows users, I want to have a hosted Windows cloud instance I can startup and shutdown on demand, so AWS, Google Cloud Compute, Azure, you name it. I do not really care about the cloud provider.

I want to setup the VM and the freelancer should start it, work on the project, and shut the VM down.

Can anyone give me a pointer in which direction to go? There are so many possibilities (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Boxstarter, Vagrant, Cloudstarter, etc), and if I study them all, I become 100 years old before starting with the actual project.

Do you suggest to use a "clean/naked" Windows VM and install the software via a script, maybe ?

Or should I setup a machine with the software installed and use that as a template for VMs?

Or is something like Ansible the way to go?

Currently I tried Boxstarter on Google Cloud Computer and it seems to work the way I want, but I wonder if I am doing it right.

Thank you, schube

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