How to fix my code from the tutorial, Training YOLOv3 : Deep Learning based Custom Object Detector?

by Hernades Freeman   Last Updated July 16, 2019 11:05 AM

So I have tried the tutorial Training YOLOv3 : Deep Learning based Custom Object Detector from learnopencv, but I cannot manage to correctly implement it. I have correctly followed all the steps from 1-6. But I have a problem at step 7. When I train the darknet model, I get the following reply Loading weights from ./darknet53.conv.74...Done!

But after that, nothing happens. I have let it run for an hour but I see no result, and there is no change to my train.log file. How should I fix this? Also, I am running this code on my Macbook terminal(would I need to use a VM instead?).

Thanks for your help, Hernades Freeman

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