Enterprise Architect - Decision block and DEPENDENCY

by Petr Komárek   Last Updated August 19, 2019 07:05 AM

I would like to ask for help with activity diagrams in EA and decision block (branching).

Lets assume we have simplified activity diagram with decision block "Is working day today?" with 2 branches "Yes" and "No".

Lets assume that we need to change it to "Is working day or saturday today?"

I am supposed to add to the diagram "Change" element describing a change, which is required to be implement and to "link" this change to all affected blocks of Activity diagram.

Is is OK to link Change with Activities/Actions. But the issue is that "Decision" element cannot be linked with Change in any direction.

In other words I am trying to find workaround for "red arrow", which cannot be "drawn" in EA enter image description here

Colleagues suggested workaround using Action duplicating Decision block, but I do not like any duplication in code or diagrams.

enter image description here

Please advise an elegant way hot to overcome duplication and still linking Change element to all elements which are affected by the change.

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