Why does Bitlocker intermittently require SQL service restart after sleep?

by EvilDr   Last Updated July 17, 2017 09:06 AM

I have a development machine that has two drives:

C:\ - Operating system (Win 10 Ent) and SQL Server 2012 Standard installation
D:\ - SQL Server databases, backups, logs

I recently activated BitLocker on both drives, then activated auto-unlock because I realised that SQL Server can't access the databases unless the drive is unlocked.

Now with SQL (and only SQL, all other services/programs are fine), on an intermittent basis I see the following behaviours occur:

  1. After waking from sleep mode, and then starting SSMS, I cannot log in (login fails with invalid credentials error). This occurs for the Windows login account only
  2. If login succeeds, or if I login using the sa account, then all databases are in the Pending Restore state

I guess both of these are due to the drive becoming locked during sleep (or perhaps not?)? After waking from sleep, if I restart the SQL Server service, and then restart SSMS, everything works fine.

I wondered what might cause this to be intermittent please, or if my assumptions are wrong, what is actually causing this?

PS. Perhaps a BitLocker tag might be useful, as I see there are plenty of other questions relating to this???

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