How to move tables located in two MS SQL server to a new MS SQL DB in single schema and table

by Sagar   Last Updated September 11, 2019 14:06 PM

Am new to SQL, kindly assist me with my query.

I have two MS SQL servers(version 2014) with an application data available on it, placed in 2 separate geo's, and i want to merge these two geo tables into one table, to a new MS SQL server(version 2016). both DB's hold same kind application data.

Does MS SQL support merging of two MS SQL instance into one table?

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Answers 1

You best scenario is to use SSIS to link the two source servers with the third as destination. This would give you reusability, if you need to continue moving data from the two sources.

If it's a one-time thing, you could either

  1. Back up one of the source databases and restore on the other source server and then repeat the process once you have all the data in one table.
  2. Create linked servers for the two sources on the destination and query that way
Mitch Stein
Mitch Stein
September 11, 2019 13:16 PM

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