How to manage heading font options located in the wysiwyg editor for posts and pages

by blackhawk   Last Updated November 29, 2016 08:03 AM

Within WordPress 4.6.1, when I go to edit a post, from the WYSIWYG editor, there is a drop-down option to apply multiple heading formats to the given text.

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What is the WordPress way for developers to customize these heading options so that we can adjust the font size, color and font-family, for any one of these dropdown options? also can we add more options to the drop down?

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Answers 1

Here is the link.

Now my little answer to your question in the comments: I can't guarantee that anything has changed since then. But I think it is a good base to start to do what you want to. And I can't remember big changes with tinyMCE in the last time.

October 27, 2016 23:12 PM

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