How to link to tags / product tags / archive pages in wysiwyg editor?

by tillinberlin   Last Updated August 16, 2017 15:08 PM

I'm working on a WooCommerce site where the archive pages for tags are becoming more and more important. Now we would like to link to those archive pages from within regular content – blog posts and product pages.

Now the problem is, that when using the link tool of the wysiwyg editor, only pages and blog posts (and custom post types) are suggested, but (of course) no category pages or tag pages (archive pages).

I am almost about to abandon the whole "tagging" idea and use CPT (Custom Post Types) and ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) instead and "re-invent" the tagging tool just to be able to link to tag-pages from within the editor. At the moment I can't see an alternative to this – but before throwing the tagging system overboard I just hope that maybe somebody else has had the same problem and found a way around? Thank you!!

ps: I know i could just copy-paste the url of the archive page – but that's not an option since it should be as convenient as possible to add links to tag-pages.

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