Need help with scheduling Facebook posts for a WordPress blog

by downstairs   Last Updated March 30, 2019 18:08 PM

I run a WordPress blog.

Posts are made then the link is put on a Facebook page for the blog. Simple enough. Well, With Facebook you can schedule posts for the future, which help a lot because while the posts are written well in advance and posted on a schedule.

Except, when scheduling a post in Facebook, if the article hasn't been published yet the preview it grabs is a "page not found" (the 404 page). And even though I am scheduling the FB post for after the article is published, it does not "find" the correct preview information if I scheduled it while the post didn't exist.

I hope that makes sense. Essentially the Facebook scheduler requires the page to exist for it all to work.

And I want to schedule FB posts out for a few weeks worth of blog posts, because that would just be easier.

Any ideas?

I'm open to anything to automate this whole process.

Whenever you save as draft or publish to "pending review" it ignores the clean URL it will eventually be at and can be viewed at a url like this:

This is useless and FB can't see it anyway.

Then only when it goes live is this example URL "live" and available for the internet to see:

NOW! One thing I noticed is this nice URL above is available to see if the post is SCHEDULED to be posted at a later date and published. But that pretty URL is only available to logged in admins, and thus FB cannot access the metadata to get the preview.

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