Problems styling Media Gallery - UI doesn't appear to affect display

by nizz0k   Last Updated September 04, 2019 12:08 PM

So, we recently got our new site built with Underscores, SiteOrigin PageBuilder, and ACF. The issue that we're having is that something in the configuration is wrong and we're having problems adding images and media to individual posts. We can add media (gallery's, images, etc) but regardless of what settings are input in the in UI, the images are displayed incorrectly. The images are all added individually and with captions, but they are placed each on an individual line with their caption, the same way an individual image would be added. The images appear to be styled correctly, or at least respond to the UI settings within the post editor, but when previewed or posted they revent to their unstyled incorrect defaults.

I assume this is happening somewhere in the code for the individual posts, but I'm not sure where to begin looking for a solution. I have already tried editing the shortcodes in the text-based editor, but that also doesn't provide any tangible results.

Any ideas or directions on how to resolve this will be greatly appreciated.

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