What is Wordpress Way to Add Content Blocks to Post and Reference them as Many to One Relationship?

by Brian   Last Updated October 09, 2019 20:08 PM

I am using a plugin that uses custom post content types. I think what I am trying to do is a gerneral Wordpress workflow question versus plugin specific. That said the plugin in LearnDash.

So, I have a post type. Call it Topic. I want a Topic to have Exercises, where the exercises will be a content block. I don't need exercises to have a route. That is, no url. Just like adding a div or some block, but where the exercises can then be referenced.

For instance, I might want to have right sidebar on a topic page that lists the exercises for that topic with a url that takes one to the anchor on the page for the exercise.

Or in my navigation menu for a lesson, where you see


I might want to display


See what I mean? I really have no need for an exercise to be a content type that is routable. I just need to use exercises as blocks that I can then reference as a many to one collective.

So trying to figure out the accepted way to do this with a plugin or by doing some coding.

thanks, Brian

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